Some of the fund raising events are displayed on this page, but also take a look at the individual branch pages as each branch organises their own fundraising events. From fashion shows and quizzes to dances and sponsored events, and much more. For example the Glasgow branch page provides details of money raised at the Christmas and Easter fayres as well as other events.

Money goes towards projects such as:-

  1. Research
  2. Heart start defibrillators
  3. Supporting children and young adults with congenital heart disorders and their families
  4. Coagu check machines, which check blood warfarin levels, saving families valuable time having to visit hospitals, clinics, etc

What about Fundraising?
The Association does raise funds and tries to use these activities therapeutically. There is quite often, a very strong need to give something back (even when things go drastically wrong). Fundraising is, possibly, the most positive and constructive way to fulfil these needs and also helps to purchase those items that are so desperately needed. No pressure is placed on any member to raise funds. It is your Association so you can be involved as much or as little as you desire.

All money raised is spent within Scotland. No money goes towards salaries, as we are all volunteers.

 Upcoming Fundraiser (see Events page).