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Welcome to the new Teenagers webpage for SACHD. Over the past few months the SACHD have been working on developing teenage services within Scotland. If you think this might interest you keep reading the information below.

What are you looking for?

  • Find out more about yourself?

  • Find out more about others like you?

  • Meet people like you - your age and older

  • Develop new friendships.

What's next?

SACHD are looking to create a teenage branch and have brought back the annual Teenage Weekend (suspended due to civid-19 restrictions). If you would be interested in attending or assisting with organising events such as these please get in touch.



Want to be kept up to date?

Check out our Facebook Page: 'facebook.com/TheSACHD'
Follow us on Twitter too: @TheSACHD

Looking for some fun, informative events?

Find out more information about our partner group in the UK, CHF Brighthearts. Or check out events and information from YHeart, part of BHF. Both of these charities offer excellent opportunities and events all over the UK, keep connected with them to hear the latest news.

A little older?

If you consider yourself older than a teenager, take a look at the Bravehearts webpage