EVO Monitors Purchased

13 October 2015

EVO Cardiac Recorders.
The new EVO monitors which are currently in use at the children's hospital are used on a daily basis. The unit, in comparison to others available, is much lighter and smaller.
It bears a strong resemblance to an Ipod, and is more accepted by the children on this basis. It is also easier to conceal which is a big deal to the teenage patients, who are never too pleased to have one in the first place.
In terms of cost it is nearly half the price of the Lifecard monitors which we are also still using. An EVO monitor is approximately £900 per unit, and the Lifecard around £1800.
The EVO, unlike the Lifecard is a rechargeable unit and therefore needs no batteries.
Where these two types of monitor are different, is in the length of time that they can record for and hence the reason for the need for both.
The EVO monitor can only record for a maximum of 48 hours, which accommodates the majority of our patients.
The Lifecard monitor records for up to 7 days which is useful to patients whose symptoms are not daily.
ALL the cardiac monitors we are using at present have been purchased and donated by SACHD  and without your input this service would be a waiting list based service. At present we have no waiting list for these monitors and children are, if needed, fitted with one on the day they attend their appointments.
Thank you all very much.
Colin Kean
Cardiac Physiologist

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