Banff & Buchan Branch


Donna Foubister (Fraserburgh)
Helen Bartlett (Banff)
Alison O'Brien (Peterhead)

About Our Group

A warm welcome awaits any new families to the Banff & Buchan Branch which was formed in 1998. Although few in numbers what we lack in membership we make up for in enthusiasm, friendship and support.

Being a rural branch our members are spread all over the place for example locally Peterhead & Fraserburgh and as far as Banff & Forres. Currently we have 11 members and their families but there is always room for more!


Our monthly meetings although conducted properly are informal and are usually held in a member's house. Business is dealt with quickly so we can get down to the serious business of having a cup of tea and a chat.


Although we may be a small branch in numbers, our experience with dealing with the heartache of having a child with a congenital heart disorder is vast, most of our members children having had open heart surgery at one point, many with ongoing treatment. If we were unable to give you the information that you might require, usually one of the other SACHD branches are able to help. We have varied ages of children with congenital heart disorders the oldest being 27(no longer a kid) the youngest 4.


As a branch we do fundraising but please do not feel that this is a requirement to joining the group as support is our main aim.

In the past fundraising events have included, Pub Quizes, Fashion Shows, Race Nights, Parachute Jumps, Bike Runs, and Charity Dances. On occasion we attend Craft and Christmas Fairs. Annually we receive and sell our SACHD Christmas Cards to families and friends which have proved to be very successful.

We do work very hard to fundraise but we also have lots of fun evenings out, and for the children Summer BBQs and the Panto at Christmas.